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Welcome Our New Host: François Vergès

The podcast is already doing great as we are in full swing for 2017. To create more relevant content and publish more episodes, I would like to welcome François Vergès as an official host to the show. You have heard his voice on episodes such as: Legacy Wi-Fi Security CWNE Journey with François Verges Band...

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Podcast Live On iTunes

The Clear To Send Podcast has just been approved on iTunes! We went live with 3 episodes with many more to come! The process took about 24 hours to be approved by someone at Apple but we finally made it there. You can now search for Clear To Send on iTunes. Subscribe, rate, and review...

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Introducing Clear To Send

My name is Rowell and I am the author of Packet6, which is a blog about network & wireless engineering. Today, I am introducing a new self-published podcast called Clear To Send. The podcast will start off as audio only with the blog to support the podcast by providing show notes from each episode. The topics...

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