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CTS 196: Awards, Wi-Fi Design Day, Ekahau

We’re approaching episode 200! And we’ll make it there before the end of the year. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. A lot of this we thank...

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CTS 195: DevNet Associate Challenge

You’ve probably heard how a network engineer should learn how to code because the job is changing. Our network will be driven by APIs. The role is changing. It’s...

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CTS 194: State of Wi-Fi 6 from WLPC

From the WLPC Prague presentation. We’ll go over our presentation and what we’ve found about Wi-Fi 6 from our testing. You can watch our WLPC Prague presentation on YouTube...

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CTS 193: Fortinet @ MOBILITY FIELD DAY 4

We all know Fortinet as a security company, but they also provide wireless products. They actually started to do wireless when their customers asked them to secure their own...

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CTS 192: Aruba @ Mobility Field Day 4

Aruba covered a lot of subjects during their Mobility Field Day presentations this year, bringing some of their brightness staff members on stage. In this episode, we are discussing...

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CTS 191: Mega Joint WLPC Prague Podcast

Hot off the press, an episode recorded in front of a live audience at WLPC Prague. We join WiFi Ninjas and Wireless Banter Show after a day of sessions...

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Behind The Mic

Rowell Dionicio

Co-host & CWNE #210

Rowell is the owner of Packet6 which provides professional services in the Bay Area specializing in wireless and mobility planning, design and implementation. He got his start in IT beginning with help desk, moving on to systems administration, and then to networking.

Profile picture of François

François Vergès

Co-Host & CWNE #180

François grew up in France were he studied in one of the top computer engineer school specializing in Network and Telecommunication. He moved to Canada at the end of his studies and started to work as a Network Engineer. He quickly found a passion for Wi-Fi networks leading him to study the technology as well as following the current market.

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