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CTS 184: Cisco @ Mobility Field Day 4

Cisco decided to join the party and also present something at Mobility Field Day 4 this year. They talked about their new wireless Catalyst line of product, IoT and...

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CTS 183: Mist @ Mobility Field Day 4

Mist is now regularly presenting at Mobility Field Day. They often like to talk about some of their success stories and update us on their “travel to the self-driving...

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CTS 182: Mobility Field Day 4 – An Overview

François was a first time delegate for Tech Field Day, attending Mobility Field Day 4 (MFD4). Since MFD4 was held in Santa Clara, we were able to record in-person...

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CTS 181: Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL Setup

Rowell’s post: François’s post: Cisco introduced the new Catalyst 9800 Wireless LAN Controller: One of the main new features was the fact that they released a...

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CTS 180: Our Expectations for Mobility Field Day 4

Mobility Field Day offers the opportunity for vendors to present what they have been working on in front of a group of talented delegates. It usually generates really good...

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CTS 179: 20 Years of Wi-Fi with Bob Friday

Did you know Wi-Fi turns 20 years old this year? It’s quite amazing that we’ve come to rely on Wi-Fi daily. From connecting to the Internet from our homes,...

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Behind The Mic

Rowell Dionicio

Co-host & CWNE #210

Rowell is the owner of Packet6 which provides professional services in the Bay Area specializing in wireless and mobility planning, design and implementation. He got his start in IT beginning with help desk, moving on to systems administration, and then to networking.

Profile picture of François

François Vergès

Co-Host & CWNE #180

François grew up in France were he studied in one of the top computer engineer school specializing in Network and Telecommunication. He moved to Canada at the end of his studies and started to work as a Network Engineer. He quickly found a passion for Wi-Fi networks leading him to study the technology as well as following the current market.

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