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Pandemic Impact to Office Wi-Fi

With the pandemic to continue on, how does this impact future carpeted office Wi-Fi projects?

More workers are wanting to work from home, avoiding long commutes, easier way of life, and just avoiding the office altogether. Some businesses have opted to move towards a more remote workforce thus reducing their office footprint. Many other businesses continue to delay the return to the office.

These large offices remain empty for quite some time. Will they continue to do Wi-Fi upgrades? Are they preparing for the workforce to return? Or maybe it’s a hybrid approach.

As some businesses continue to downsize the office, how does this impact the work of Wi-Fi experts for carpeted office? We’ve seen a big decline if office installations.

Take a listen to this episode and let us know what your thoughts are down below in the comments section.

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Rowell, CWNE #210, is a network engineer in Higher-Ed. He enjoys working with wireless networking technologies and loves to share and engage with the community. You can connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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  • Hi
    Office WiFi is not dead! Long live to good design.

    I work in HigherEd space with hybrid settings and sometimes you see some faculty coming back to the office for good connectivity and less disruption. Even though some universities in the East Coast went back to online for the last two weeks due to increased Covid, there’s still great demand for office WiFi. Who knows how much this new variant will impact in the upcoming Spring semester.So far, what we learned from last year is, online learning is not an option for everyone(specifically for Design oriented learning and k-12) and poor home network connection and zoom fatigue are also a challenge.

    I have a question, how do you see this continuing demand from the pandemic on home WiFi and what’s your top AP recommendations for such demands?


    Ps: I am traveling in Monza,Italy. I am using an iPhone with 1 bar of Vodafone connection and while connection is really poor for web browsing, your website is letting me post this message. So yes to good design, no matter how small, its impact is having lasting positive impact.

  • Hi Francois and Rowell–great podcast! My work environment has changed some–we are calling it “WorkSmart”. Basically, most employees come into the office 2-3 days per week and work remote (from home) the other days. We have moved from cubicles to small workspaces that must be reserved. So, most of our workforce is now mobile (i.e. Wi-Fi). In our large regional offices, we have actually shut down floors completely for lease to other companies. We even sold one of our largest buildings (over 48 floors!). We have been working on higher capacity design plus doing QoS on all our audio/video streaming apps. We are also ramping up DNA Spaces (Cisco–location tracking) to provide even more details for employee density and conference room availability. We will see how this all works when most employees return to work on January 4, 2022. Thanks again for great info on this podcast!

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