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Leaving a review on iTunes is not the easiest thing in the world to do. But if you have an account, or willing to create one, it’s not that difficult. I will also show you how to do it!

You can find the Clear To Send podcast on iTunes here.

Honest reviews are important for the discoverability of the podcast. It helps increase subscribers and thus increases listenership.

In addition to reviews, there are ratings. The combination of reviews, ratings, and subscribers leads to higher rankings for the podcast on the Technology category page.

How You Can Help

Here are the steps for Desktop and Mobile to leave a review:


Step 1: Open iTunes and search for Clear To Send.

Step 2: Click on the Clear To Send podcast and then click on Ratings and Reviews

Reviews and Ratings

Step 3: Rate the podcast

Rate the podcast.

Step 5: Leave a review

Leave a review


Steps for Mobile iOS

Step 1: Open your podcast app and search for Clear To Send.

Search for Clear To Send

Step 2: Tap on the Reviews button.

Tap on Reviews

Step 3: Tap a star to rate the podcast and leave a review.

Leave a review


Thank you for taking the time to review the podcast. It really means a lot to me. I hope to get the show out to many more people.