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CTS 205: 5 Tips For Migrating to the Cisco Catalyst 9800

Dave Benham was first introduced on the show as a highlight to him and what he does. We interviewed him at a previous Cisco Live. Today we have the joy of having him speak on the show about his tips for migrating to the Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller. The Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller…

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Check out the 5 Tips for migrating to the Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller from the experience of Dave Benham.

CTS 147: This Week In Wireless – News Roundup

This week in wireless we have a round of news to cover. Below are what we discuss on the show with our opinions. I apologize for the briefness of the show notes. I, Rowell, am traveling this week. Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controllers: Commscope to Acquire ARRIS: Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise technology segment soars: Golden…

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