CTS 014: CWNA Certification

In This Episode – CWNA Certification

CWNA Certification LogoEpisode 14 is about the CWNA certification where I provide my experiences into how I passed. Outlined are the 6 steps I took for the CWNA certification process. This includes:

  1. Objectives
  2. CWNA Study Guide
  3. Note taking
  4. Flash cards
  5. Practice exam
  6. Bootcamp

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Here are some great words to live by from Andrew von Nagy. Never let a piece of paper define you.

Another great tweet from Kash Shaikh.

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CTS 005: Little Baby Wifi

In This Episode

Cisco and Apple to provide a "fast lane" for iOS devices.

Coming to you from a garage in Silicon Valley, this episode I discuss my CWNA studies and what resources I’m using to become successful come exam time.

In the news segment: Cisco & Apple scratching each other’s backs. In-flight wifi to get a boost in bandwidth and a new Cisco Mobility feature that will have small to medium businesses happy.

The main segment is about SNR. Specifically, what is SNR and how do you find what your SNR is.

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CTS 004: You Know Your Wi-Fi Sucks When It’s on Bad-Fi

In this podcast we have our first interview ever on the show, Eddie Forero. He’s the CEO of CommunicaONE, a VAR which designs and implements wireless networks.

I first met Eddie on Twitter where he shares his experiences and expertise about Wi-Fi.

We talk about a couple of topics such as mistakes being made in wireless deployments, how to get started in wireless, and resources used.

Avoiding Wi-Fi Mistakes with Eddie ForeroIn This Episode

  • Bad wireless installations
  • Deployment mistakes
  • How to get started in wireless

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