CTS 022: Jason Hintersteiner Part I – Small & Medium Business WiFi

SMB WiFi text over a desk

Jason Hintersteiner joins the Clear To Send podcast to talk about how he got started in WiFi after the thought of having to move to Europe for his employer. From there Jason brings up his experiences working with small & medium business WiFi. This is Part I of a two part podcast interview.

The SMB space requires a different approach to WiFi compared to a large enterprise or large educational institution. While the process might be different, one thing is certain – Jason and I agree that a wireless professional must know the basics or foundations of wireless before designing, installing and troubleshooting a wireless network.

I ask about the tools Jason uses on his Windows laptop and what his design methodology is, such as 80, 40, and 20 MHz channel widths.

Links and Resources Mentioned

@emperorwifi – Follow Jason on Twitter – Jason’s blog – Jason’s consulting firm
Tamograph – Wireless Site Survey software
CommView – Network Analyzer, same makers of Tamograph
Wireshark – Free network protocol analyzer
CWNE – Certified Wireless Network Expert certification from CWNP

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Thanks for listening to this episode. This is Part I of the interview with Jason Hintersteiner. Stay tuned for Part II as we wrap up with Jason.

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CTS 006: Interview With Adrian McCaskill CWNE #166

In This Episode

Selfie of AdrianAdrian is the latest person to become a CWNE, as of September 4th, 2015. I bring him onto the podcast to talk about his journey as a WiFi engineer.

He goes into details about what he is currently doing, how he got started in wireless, and provides tips for those getting started.

Additionally, Adrian outlines some tips for studying and passing CWNP exams.

Links and Resources Mentioned

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