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CTS 009: Jussi Kiviniemi of Ekahau

In This Episode – Ekahau Site Survey with Jussi

Interview with Jussi from EkahauI was blessed with Jussi’s presence in San Jose. We decided to do the podcast while taking a walk to Levi Stadium.

This episode is about Ekahau Site Survey and I manage to ask questions about using the application. I’ve been using the Ekahau Site Survey for about 2-3 years and have had questions on how to get site surveys precise.

At the end of the episode I ask about Ekahau Site Survey for OS X because that’s all we care about, right?

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Thanks to Jussi for joining me on the podcast to educate everyone on Ekahau Site Survey and for providing us with information on the next version release.

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CTS 002: Three Wifi Tools I’m Using Right Now

These tools can save you time and money. That’s the reason why I am sharing with you three tools I am using right now.

We all like tools as long as they help us get the job done right and quickly. In the wireless field there are dozens of tools. From spectrum analysis to network scanning and throughput testing to designing.

In this episode:

  • Metageek Eye P.A.
  • Wifi Explorer
  • Ekahau Site Survey

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