CTS 148: What Does It Mean To Be An Engineer

François goes into what it means to be an engineer.

Meet Daniel Cavazos

Daniel resides in San Antonio, Texas and is a Wireless Infrastructure Sales Engineer for Ventev.

Sorry, Daniel! We thought we had a photo of you but we must have missed it!

What Does It Mean To Be An Engineer

Definitions of an engineer:

A person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures.
A person qualified in a branch of engineering, especially as a professional.

A definition of an engineer

My Definition of an Engineer

  • Finding solutions to complex problematics
  • The goal of an Engineer is to solve a problem most of the time complex problem involving a high level of technical skills
    • Designing a new solution, a new Wi-Fi network
    • Updating and maintaining a Wi-Fi infrastructure
    • Troubleshooting a Wi-Fi issues
  • All these tasks require us to understand what we are doing

Embrace the challenge

  • Once you understand this, you have to embrace it
  • Problem solving
  • Embrace problems
  • See them as a challenge rather than something negative. I really started to appreciate that idea working with more experienced Engineer

Important Skills

  • Be able to understand the WHY
    • Planning / Research
  • Be able to know HOW to
    • Experiment
  • Be thorough and methodical
  • You need to be able to support the solution you are proposing

Not only the technical skills

  • You need to be able to communicate
    • With other Engineers
    • With less technical persons
  • Explain and sometimes sell your solution to management
  • You need to be able to document your work
    • In a very detailed way for your peers
    • In a summarized way for management

What do you think? Is it how you see your job? What other aspects of working as an Engineer are important?