CTS 193: Fortinet @ MOBILITY FIELD DAY 4

We all know Fortinet as a security company, but they also provide wireless products. They actually started to do wireless when their customers asked them to secure their own Wi-Fi Networks. This year at Mobility Field Day 4, they wanted to talk about their overall wireless offering. If you want to catch back with the…

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CTS 180: Our Expectations for Mobility Field Day 4

Mobility Field Day offers the opportunity for vendors to present what they have been working on in front of a group of talented delegates. It usually generates really good conversations and interactions. This year, Mobility Field Day will be taking place in Silicon Valley from August 14th to August 16th . The event is organized…

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CTS 155: Security beyond the fi

Security is much more than protecting the wireless frames over the air. We must also protect the infrastructure side, have proper segmentation, and ensure the right role based access. In this episode we speak with Chris Hinsz about security beyond Wi-Fi. Securing wireless is much more than encryption. We have WPA2, upcoming WPA3 and OWE….

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