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CTS 177: Wi-Fi 6 with Fred Niehaus

This episode was recorded at the Podcast Domain for Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego. In attendance is Rowell Dionicio, François Vergès, Gurpreet Singh, and Fred Niehaus.

Fred has been with Cisco since 2000. Since 1993 Fred has been doing wireless. Gurpreet works for a VAR in Canada with all aspects of warehouses.

Cisco Live Photos by Rowell Dionicio.

Wi-Fi 5 was all about very high throughput but had nothing to do with latency. Cellular buys frequencies for millions and millions of dollars and uses the spectrum efficiently.

Two main features of Wi-Fi 6 are:

  • OFDMA, borrowed from cellular, cuts latency down
  • BSS Coloring which allows for channel reuse

Fred says we’re ahead of 5G. What’s in 5G is available in Wi-Fi today

At the top of Fred’s Wi-Fi 6 list are OFDMA and BSS coloring. TWT for scheduling will be very beneficial to IoT devices.


  • Channel that’s 20 MHz size
  • If data is one little chunk it wastes the subcarriers
  • OFDMA takes multiple transmitters/receivers on each subcarrier for efficiency

The new Wi-Fi 6 access points from Cisco are:

  • C9117
  • C9115
  • C9120  

One thing to note, with the C9117 as an example, is that chipsets that were early to market did not support OFDMA in the uplink. Cisco went to Marvell and Cisco has asked for a custom chipset.

But to meet meet customers’ needs you can build your own chipset or look to another manufacturer.

Why would Cisco change the name to Catalyst? That’s because it is the best product line. Access points are redesigned to be smaller. 

Comparing Wi-Fi 6 to previous generation

  • 9115 and 9117 those are like 1850 and 1830 series. Early to market and standards-based.
  • 9120 is more like the 2800 series. Has the RF ASIC, a custom ASIC that is software defined. 

The RF ASIC can specifically create a signature for DFS signals. Potentially eliminated false positives with DFS hits. The benefit of the RF ASIC allows the other radios to service clients while using this 3rd radio. Unlike previous ASICs, the 9120 has the capability to transmit but it’s not configured to at the moment.

When do you think we will see the actual benefits of Wi-Fi 6? Let us know in the comments below.

CTS 146: Deploying Wi-Fi at Scale with Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh shares his story of how he got started in Wi-Fi. He also explains how to approach a large Wi-Fi deployment.

Deploying Wi-Fi at Scale

Gurpreet deployed a new Wi-Fi infrastructure for a large food chain and shared his experience. We talk about what is different when deploying at a bigger scale.

Preparation is key

Here are a few things Gurpreet and his team did early on in the project:

  • Plan everything
  • Spend time defining the solution through a Proof of Concept
  • Test as many scenarios as you can
  • Define the processes that will be used for the deployments by the different teams
  • Train the team
  • Plan everything


These large deployments come with some interesting challenges:

  • How do you do your Wi-Fi design?
  • How do you choose your Wi-Fi configurations?
  • How do you validate your installation?

Listen to the episode to hear the full story!

You can get in touch with Gurpreet on Twitter or visit his blog

CTS 073: Roundtable II – WiFi Issues

This is Roundtable II, where we gather other Wi-Fi professionals in our industry to talk about a topic we all are passionate about – wireless.

CTS 073 - Roundtable II WiFi Issues

Roundtable II

Thank you for listening to today’s episode. We have gathered three individuals to share Wi-Fi issues with the listeners and to discuss how they resolved them. That is the topic of the roundtable.

In this episode we have:

  • Glenn Cate
  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Jon Foster

We all come across issues on the wireless network. Some are the most common issues you’ll come across while others are a little farfetched and out there.

Wi-Fi Issues

Glenn Cate, CWNE #181 and from Episode 061, gives provides us with the context of a perfect storm. Everything that can go wrong went wrong. And none of it was on the technical side!

Gurpreet Singh works for a VAR in Canada. He gave us two Wi-Fi issues which required use of spectrum analysis. Who doesn’t like doing SpecAn?? His issue shows us we need to know everything used in the environment. I’ll give you a hint.. It has to do with conference rooms.

Jon Foster is a presales engineer for a VAR in the UK. Like Rowell, Jon provided an issue from higher education. A lot of the best issues come from there. Another has to do with physical security and who doesn’t like putting physical security components on the wireless network?

François talked about a cold situation. And I mean that too, physically cold. What could go wrong. Just select an AP and put it up, right? François also provided two issues, the second issue prevented someone from sleeping. Now what does that have to do with Wi-Fi?

Rowell talked about SpecAn at a hotel during a conference. And someone from the audience even asked why Wi-Fi was slow. Well let us show you!

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