CTS 188: MetaGeek @ Mobility Field Day 4

Metageek is back! It’s been awhile since we’ve heard of Metageek at any Tech Field Day events. It was very nice and refreshing to hear from them and hear them present what they have been working on. If you want to catch back with the presentations and watch them, here are the links you need:…

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CTS 083: Wi-Fi Apps for Android

Check out some of the Wi-Fi apps I’ve listed for Android. This is the last episode in a series of Wi-Fi apps for different platforms. This episode is sponsored by Metageek Android Wi-Fi Apps Ekahau Site Survey Mobile Use this app with your Ekahau Site Survey Pro software. It can provide a perspective from the…

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CTS 081: Wi-Fi Apps for Windows

We couldn’t do our work without the valuable apps used in the Windows operating system. That’s what we’ll discuss in this episode. Wi-Fi apps for Windows. This episode is brought to you by Here are the Wi-Fi apps for Windows that Rowell and I use regularly when we are working at client sites or for…

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