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Juniper Networks Announces Intent to Acquire Mist Systems

Juniper Networks, a solution provider in switching, routing, and security, has announced their intentions to acquire Mist Systems for consideration of $405 million. Sujai Hajela, CEO of Mist Systems, has insured that it will be business as usual.

Mist Systems will be leveraging more resources from Juniper Networks as Juniper will be adding a solid wireless solution to their portfolio.

Mist Systems will now have a bigger global footprint and an integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution with the wired network.

The acquisition is expected to close on Juniper Network’s fiscal second quarter.

Juniper Network’s will take another attempt at bringing in a wireless solution into their portfolio. Mist Systems has a strong product offering which may be what Juniper needs to remain competitive in a wireless-driven world.

Read the press release: https://newsroom.juniper.net/press-releases/juniper-networks-announces-intent-acquire-mist-systems-bring-ai-it-delivering

Mist Strengthens Partnerships

Mist has been hard at work forming partnerships with strong players, Juniper Networks, VMware, and Palo Alto Networks. Working alongside technologies which don’t have a wireless play, Mist complements each of their solutions by utilizing their AI and Machine Learning product.

Initially, it looked like a strategy to be acquired but with multiple firm partnerships, it can be seen as a jab to the competition which has been acquiring WLAN companies as part of their portfolio.

Mist has extended their reach into a copious number of new potential customers who are in search of API-driven technology leveraging artificial intelligence.

By joining forces with Palo Alto Networks, both companies can take advantage of policy creation. Pushing security policies from the perimeter of the network once a threat is identified and pushing it down the network all the way to the edge where the user devices reside. Security can get a little more simple with consistent policies applied throughout the network.

Working with Juniper Networks, Mist helps provide visibility and insights into both wired and the wireless network. Again, artificial intelligence is looking to make IT teams become proactive when it comes to user experience. We’ve seen Juniper take a stab at wireless and let’s hope they’ve found their groove.

VMware has their infrastructure deep in a lot of data centers. The story remains the same. More visibility using artificial intelligence. VMware wants to know how users are interacting with applications over the WLAN.

With APIs, IT teams can now see what’s happening on both ends and be proactive in resolving issues that crop up.

The expansion of Mist into different areas of the network isn’t something we shouldn’t brush off. The API first mentality may give IT the innovation it needs to thrive. Whoever can develop the solutions to tie all these vendors together seamlessly can gain an immense upper-hand in this business landscape.

CTS 093: DeMISTifying the Client Experience

Sudheer Matta, VP of Products, of Mist Systems joins the podcast to talk about how they are using machine learning and A.I. to build better wireless networks.

Service Level dashboards

Mist Systems

The intention of Mist is to add artificial intelligence and machine learning into the wireless networking stack. This provides a lot of insight into the Wi-Fi experience of a user.

Why do this now? Because there was no architecture for devops, programmability and automation for MSPs and for IT teams.

What is artificial intelligence (A.I.)?

A.I. at Mist is dynamically doing packet captures when an issue is occurring. It segments these problems and helps determine if a device is a victim of the problem or is it a systemic problem? Other things are identified as well such as, is it wired or wireless? If it is on wireless, what type of device is having an issue, what OS is it running, what channel is it on and on which AP, etc. For the wired side, some examples are is it DHCP, DNS, etc.

What about machine learning?

These insights are based on machine learning algorithms. It is about correlation intelligence. It is the foundation for A.I. driven insights. Machine learning comes in two flavors, supervised and unsupervised.

Mist has large clients utilizing their technology in the retail and education space. Within a matter of days both clients have been able to solve long outstanding issues that they weren’t able to successfully fix with their prior wireless vendor.

Even Managed Services can take advantage of Mist as they roll out wireless to multiple clients. You can see all service levels across the whole organization.

Listen to the episode to get the whole story!

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