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CTS 157: The effect of rate limiting on Wi-Fi

Welcome to a new episode where we speak with Troy Martin. We’re following his presentation at WLPC Prague, Effects of Rate Limiting on Wi-Fi Flow. We ask Troy to go into more detail about rate limiting and the effect it has on Wi-Fi.

Effect Of Rate Limiting on Wi-Fi

Users often goes around obstacles. What does it mean for guest Wi-Fi with rate limiting? And why are we using rate limiting?

Could it be slow Internet pipes, bandwidth hungry users, bandwidth hungry applications?

Troy talks about his version of the OSI model:

  • Layer 8 – Management
  • Layer 9 – Financial
  • Layer 10 – Aesthetics Committee

Additionally, Troy talks about TCP back off mechanism (window sizes). TCP naturally tries to regulate the traffic for us

Other discussion items during the show:

  • Not disabling high Wi-Fi data rates
  • Channel Utilization
  • Configurations guideline
  • Never tweak MCS rates
  • Leave high data rates on

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