RF Fundamentals

CTS 153: Recap of 2018 & Starting 2019

We made it to the end of 2018! In our final episode of the year, we wanted to recap the show and its top episodes. There are some good episodes to listen to or if you already have, listen to them again!

Additionally, we wanted to share some brief stats about the show and how we’ve grown. Then we’ll share about what’s to come in 2019 for Clear To Send.

Top 10 Episodes of 2018

1 – CTS 137: MIMO
2 – CTS 106: 802.11ax with Broadcom
3 – CTS 108: Useful Wi-Fi Metrics To Track
4 – CTS 109: Ekahau Sidekick, Spectrum Analysis, & Finnish Rap
5 – CTS 123: Design Principles for Stadium Wi-Fi
6 – CTS 130: RF Characteristics
7 – CTS 107: What’s The Purpose of Cisco CleanAir
8 – CTS 138: CWNA with Coleman and Wescott
9 – CTS 134: Understanding the 4-Way Handshake
10 – CTS 125: 802.11 Frame Captures for Windows

Some stats:

  • 52 episodes for this year!
  • Now over 14k downloads per month
  • 4900 downloads in January 2018

Top countries:

  • 1 – US
  • 2 – UK
  • 3 – Australia
  • 4 – Portugal
  • 5 – Canada

Looking into 2019:

We are looking at providing some sort of Deep Dive into topics. Some of the content involved would include examples from real world data, how tests were performed, and the results we learned from the Deep Dive.

Additionally, we will look at including some video content to supplement the audio podcast.

When it comes to video, we may plan on doing a few webinars to answer questions from the listeners.

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CTS 016: RF Fundamentals

In This Episode

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Before getting into the episode, I wanted to thank you, the listener, for downloading and listening to episodes of Clear To Send. Without you, this podcast would be nothing.

Also, thanks to my previous interview guests for being part of the podcast:

  • Eddie Forero
  • Adrian McCaskill
  • Adrian Granados
  • Jussi Kiviniemi
  • Todd Smith
  • Jennifer Huber
  • Lee Badman

Thanks @wifichef for mentioning what he was thankful for:

RF Fundamentals

In this main segment, I talk about RF Fundamentals.

There are four characteristics of RF signals and that is:

  • Wavelength
  • Frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Phase

There are nine RF behaviors to know about:

  • Absorption
  • Reflection
  • Scattering
  • Refraction
  • Diffraction
  • Attenuation loss
  • Free Space Path Loss
    • Free space path loss formula

      Free space path loss formula from Wikimedia

  • Multipath
  • Gain

Sine Wave

A Sine Wave

Links and Resources Mentioned

Li-Fi in an office

Example of Li-Fi Use

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