CTS 193: Fortinet @ MOBILITY FIELD DAY 4

We all know Fortinet as a security company, but they also provide wireless products. They actually started to do wireless when their customers asked them to secure their own Wi-Fi Networks. This year at Mobility Field Day 4, they wanted to talk about their overall wireless offering. If you want to catch back with the…

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CTS 136: RF Filtering and Isolation

Jim Palmer talks about how he performs RF filtering and isolation to improve client connectivity. RF Filtering and Isolation We welcome Jim Palmer to the podcast. He’s one of the newest delegates for Mobility Field Day 3. I look forward to meeting Jim in person and learning more about him. Jim works at a major…

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CTS 130: RF Characteristics

Get your basics of Wi-Fi starting with RF characteristics. Before we get into RF characteristics, we want to introduce our series of interviews we did at Cisco Live 2018. We interviewed many wireless engineers to get to know them better. We ask ten questions, we get ten answers. So meet Jason Beshara. We introduce him…

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