robert boardman

CTS 038: Robert Boardman, Hub Holster, Cisco Live, and RRM

Robert Boardman is my special co-host for Episode 38. Robert is the creator of Hub Holster which is a great alternative to using velcro on your laptop to hold up a USB hub during a wireless site survey. I assisted in providing measurements for my own USB hub and after a few back and forth in communication I have a fully functional USB hub holder. It was printed using a 3D printer.

We discuss how the idea of the hub holster came to mind, the process that goes into building a hub holster, and other features we may want to see.

Both Robert Boardman and I will be heading to Cisco Live 2016 in Las Vegas. This will be my first time attending. I’m excited to meet others in networking and hope to get a podcast episode recorded with other attendees. If you are attending Cisco Live 2016, please let me know!

Our last topic of discussion is about RRM. Robert and I have been thinking about really learning the ins and outs of RRM. Our goal is to deploy RRM and collect the necessary metrics to determine whether or not RRM helped in our scenario.

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