CTS 153: Recap of 2018 & Starting 2019

We made it to the end of 2018! In our final episode of the year, we wanted to recap the show and its top episodes. There are some good episodes to listen to or if you already have, listen to them again! Additionally, we wanted to share some brief stats about the show and how…

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CTS 127: Stadium Wi-Fi Implementation

Ensuring the stadium Wi-Fi implementation goes according to the design. Stadium Wi-Fi Implementation Chris Reed joins the show to follow up on his stadium Wi-Fi design episode to discuss the implementation portion. He joined us back on Episode 123 where he went into the design of Wi-Fi within large public venues or stadiums. A wireless…

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CTS 123: Design Principles of Stadium Wi-Fi

François Vergès and Chris Reed join forces on Clear To Send to talk about design principles of stadium Wi-Fi.  Designing Stadium Wi-Fi What are important considerations when designing Wi-Fi for very high density environment such as stadium? Of course the tools come to mind such as Andrew Von Nagy’s Capacity Planner and Ekahau Site Survey…

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