Nyansa Releases Voyance IOT Security

Recently, I was invited into the Nyansa office to take a look at something new being released. With the growth of IoT devices on networks, Nyansa saw an opportunity to provide a comprehensive set of security and device analytics of IoT devices.

Innovations with IoT devices have resulted in shadow IT deployments in enterprises, hospitals, higher education, and more. Many of the IoT devices solve a critical business need but the devices themselves often lack sophisticated security implementation and are susceptible to vulnerabilities.

Voyance IoT Security leverages the same platform driving the Voyance analytics platform. Included with Voyance IoT Security is:

  • Classification of IoT devices
  • Baselining for behavior assessment
  • Automation of security enforcement through 3rd parties such as Cisco ISE or Aruba Clearpass
  • Utilization tracking for further anomaly detection

Nyansa is coming out of the gate with multiple 3rd party integrations which include:

  • NAC and identity systems: Cisco ISE, Aruba/HPE ClearPass, FreeRADIUS, Microsoft RADIUS
  • Security threat control platforms: Cisco’s Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid). Voyance is a certified solution on the Cisco pxGrid ecosystem
  • Wireless LAN: Cisco, Aruba/HPE, and Extreme Networks
  • CMDB: ServiceNow native integration
  • SIEM: Splunk and others via extensible Voyance platform APIs
  • Netflow
Nyansa Voyance IoT

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Watch the Nyansa Voyance IoT Tour

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CTS 105: Measuring User Experience with Voyance

What’s new with Nyansa Voyance since Mobility Field Day 2? I take a look into Voyance in this new episode…

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Wi-Fi Analytics with Nyansa Voyance

I wanted to look back at what Nyansa has been doing with Voyance since Mobility Field Day 2. Nyansa has been around since 2013 and their focus has been on using network analytics to drive next steps with troubleshooting and trending Wi-Fi data.

To review Voyance, I was able to get access to a demo account. Within the product I grabbed many screenshots to share with you. The information presented is interesting and getting to root causes of various Wi-Fi issues is very helpful.

The Recommendation Engine is an interesting view to look at Wi-Fi issues.

The beta view of the Voyance recommendation engine.

Clicking on a specific issue drills into the issue with more detail.

Looking at more details from the recommendation engine.

A new addition to Voyance is the Service Desk view. This is for your help desk or service desk folks to view different clients and what issues they may be having.

The new service desk view

Nyansa added a global view to the dashboards. If there are multiple sites you have to manage you can overlay them on a map and have quick views into any potential problems. All looks good here.

A high level look at sites

Charts are a great way to represent data. This is viewing a specific AP.

Viewing graphical data in charts

Here’s an interesting look at client data rate vs the max negotiated rate.

Viewing client data rates

You can view exact details by hovering your mouse over the chart. Want to see it on a timeline? Click on the hovered area for more information.

View the details of the charts

Get a graphical look at how APs hear each other and whether you have co-channel interference.

A great way to view any co-channel interference


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CTS 071: Wi-Fi Analytics with Nyansa

Our special guest, Anand Srinivas of Nyansa, joins the show to discuss Wi-Fi analytics with their platform Nyansa Voyance. As many organizations are shifting towards getting data usage on the Wi-Fi networks, Nyansa helps fill that void. Anand provides us his insight into analyzing data from our wireless networks.

CTS 071 Leading Header

Wi-Fi Analytics with Nyansa Voyance

Anand Srinivas is the co-founder and CTO of Nyansa, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. He has his masters and PhD from MIT in wireless and algorithms. Anand has held previous roles at Airvana, Plexxi, Overture and now finally at Nyansa. The focus of Nyansa is to enable enterprises in different verticals to get a handle and insights into user experience on wireless networks.

Anand’s team takes a look at various wireless client transactions with the network, applications, etc. and analyzes all of the collected data to bring user experience into a visual dashboard.

I wanted to bring Anand onto the podcast to talk about Wi-Fi analysis because of this trend where many organizations are trying to get more data out of the network and what the users are doing on that network.

Here are the topics we talk about on the podcast:

  • How Nyansa gets visibility
  • Taking the client perspective
  • Looking across the entire stack
  • Using real clients transactions as ‘sensors’
  • What is “network analytics”, “big data”, “machine learning”, etc.?
  • Every vendor says they do analytics. How do you define or view analytics differently? Or do you? What makes Nyansa unique in this space?
  • How do enterprises justify the cost or value of your analytics system?
  • What packets, fields are analyzed by Nyansa to perform the analysis?
  • Interesting story from people using Nyansa.

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Screenshots of Nyansa Voyance

Viewing application metrics A view of the Voyance dashboard Viewing Voyance baselines