Nyansa Releases Voyance IOT Security

Recently, I was invited into the Nyansa office to take a look at something new being released. With the growth of IoT devices on networks, Nyansa saw an opportunity to provide a comprehensive set of security and device analytics of IoT devices. Innovations with IoT devices have resulted in shadow IT deployments in enterprises, hospitals,…

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CTS 105: Measuring User Experience with Voyance

What’s new with Nyansa Voyance since Mobility Field Day 2? I take a look into Voyance in this new episode… This episode is sponsored by Metageek Wi-Fi Analytics with Nyansa Voyance I wanted to look back at what Nyansa has been doing with Voyance since Mobility Field Day 2. Nyansa has been around since 2013…

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CTS 071: Wi-Fi Analytics with Nyansa

Our special guest, Anand Srinivas of Nyansa, joins the show to discuss Wi-Fi analytics with their platform Nyansa Voyance. As many organizations are shifting towards getting data usage on the Wi-Fi networks, Nyansa helps fill that void. Anand provides us his insight into analyzing data from our wireless networks. Wi-Fi Analytics with Nyansa Voyance Anand…

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