wi-fi 6e

Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces Wi-Fi 6E

In anticipation of 6 GHz being released for unlicensed Wi-Fi use, the Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a new term to the industry, Wi-Fi 6E. The E stands for extended. This is aimed at providing a term to devices with 6 GHz support. The FCC has not yet allowed 6 GHz for unlicensed use but there…

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CTS 203: TWIW – Wi-Fi 6E, Powershell, Antennas, Training

In This Week In Wi-Fi (TWIW) we have a number of things to share. One of them being a bigger part of the new year and an interesting one too. We’re going to provide you with what we found this week in the news relating to wireless Before we get started, make sure to complete…

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