CTS 107: What’s The Purpose of Cisco CleanAir

Are you fully utilizing CleanAir to it’s maximum capability? We dive into the intricacies of Cisco CleanAir. This episode is sponsored by Metageek Cisco CleanAir Download your free CleanAir Reference Sheet PDF The earliest Cisco WLC version where Cisco CleanAir was released dates back to the 7.0 days. Sometime around the year 2010. Cisco CleanAir…

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CTS 103: Cisco WLC NDP

In this episode, we go over the Cisco Neighbor Discovery Protocol. The basis of Cisco RRM. This episode is sponsored by Metageek. Cisco WLC Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) Cisco NDP, short for Neighbor Discovery Protocol and Neighbor Discovery Packets, is a critical component of Cisco’s auto RF feature, Radio Resource Management (RRM). The purpose of…

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