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Tips On Becoming A CWNE

Tips on Becoming a CWNE

Coming off the end of the CWNP WiFi Trek conference, we go over our tips for becoming a CWNE.

Tips on Becoming A CWNE

Sometimes, we get sone questions from you guys about what it takes to become CWNE and if we have any tips. After seeing how many people at the CWNP WiFi Trek conference wanted this kind of advice, we decided to combine our tips together and provide our insight. These tips are based on our own experiences and we hope you find it helpful.

Take it one step at a time

Learning the 802.11 protocol takes time. Don’t rush the learning process. Understand what you’re trying to learn and explain it to others as a way to reinforce the learning.

Start taking frame captures

Get started early when it comes to doing frame captures. As you begin getting into the nitty gritty details the more you’ll understand as you get into the professional level certifications. Learn how to capture frames during your CWNA certification study. Do it alongside the theory and it will be engrained in your mind.

Get ahold of the standard

Reading about wireless from the 802.11-2016 standard is getting it from the source. Although it is dry material, it is the actual standard in which all training material is based out of.

Structure studying

Book the exam before you start studying for the certification. This changes your mindset and gives you and end date to complete your studies. If you don’t do this you’ll make more excuses as to why you don’t have it done. Set it in the calendar and create a schedule. Let everyone, including your family, know ahead of time. There will be some time commitments to obtain your CWNE.

Take notes

Write your notes down in the form of blog posts. This is a great way to get your published content out there. Utilize the Notes app on iOS and macOS. Evernote is another useful note taking app to keep all your content together. It will make it easy to go over while in line at a store or during a break from work.

Get ahold of equipment

It’s much easier to get ahold of wireless equipment nowadays. Join a Meraki or Mist webinar and you can get an enterprise grade access point for free. Or check out the WLAN Pros Lending Library (United States only) to borrow some equipment to further your learning. If you have to, use your consumer grade home wireless for learning too. They all speak 802.11.

Get endorsers that know your work

Endorsers know about your work. This could be your colleague or manager. An endorser does not need to be a CWNE. Do not broadcast an email asking CWNE’s to endorse you, especially if they don’t know you or your work. But you can ask a CWNE or anyone else to review your essays.

Focus essays on the Pro level certs

We’re often asked what your essays should be written about. Focus a paper on each of the professional level CWNP certifications, Analysis, Design and Security. That makes it easy. If you can’t write something on each then pick one that best speaks to your experience. Each essay should demonstrate your technical knowledge as a CWNE. You’ll need great grammar as well. It doesn’t have to be a novel. Keep it to about 2 pages and don’t be afraid to add images and tables to your essay.

Publish articles

Write a blog about what you’ve learned from your CWNP studies. Or blog about your experiences out in the field in regards to wireless. You can also start a podcast about wireless or even create your own YouTube videos. You don’t have to write any whitepapers but you do want something published in your name. A blog is the easiest way to get started.

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