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Troubleshooting Common Wi-Fi Problems with RUCKUS

In this episode, we are trying to assess how easy it is to troubleshoot common Wi-Fi problems using RUCKUS cloud. We want to give you an idea of what it would look like to perform troubleshooting from our point of view. We outline what we like and what we would want to see improved.

We want to thank RUCKUS for sending us an R750 and giving us access to the cloud.

Similar to our other episodes on the same topic, but with different vendors, we present three issues:

  • PSK issue: user entering the wrong password when connecting to a WPA2-Personal Wi-Fi network
  • 802.1X issue: RADIUS server not reachable
  • 802.1X issue: user entering wrong password when connecting to a PEAP[Ms-CHAPv2] Wi-Fi network

We found that RUCKUS allows you to view details of your Wi-Fi network but it would require you to look through logs to identify any real problems.

Not until you start using RUCKUS Analytics then do you see how easily the impact of an issue is along with clear language of what the problem is. Just check it out from the screenshot below.

RUCKUS Analytics

The RUCKUS Analytics feature is a premium subscription or service. It does speed up the identification of Wi-Fi issues. In addition to having analytics around Wi-Fi issues, RUCKUS has a virtual network assistant, called Melissa, that can be asked questions to help gather information for you and potentially solve issues faster. We found that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

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