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TWIW – Wi-Fi 6E, Powershell, Antennas, Training

In This Week In Wi-Fi (TWIW) we have a number of things to share. One of them being a bigger part of the new year and an interesting one too. We’re going to provide you with what we found this week in the news relating to wireless

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Wi-Fi Alliance Announces Wi-Fi 6E

About a year ago we first heard about the Wi-Fi 6 certification. Now, the Wi-Fi Alliance releases the Wi-Fi 6E, for extended. This brings 6 GHz into Wi-Fi 6. While we personally don’t feel like it’s an extension, it shows that maybe the Wi-Fi Alliance has some inside information on when the FCC will make 6 GHz available for unlicensed use.

Last year, the FCC kicked off how it can allow unlicensed use in portions of the 1200 megahertz of spectrum in the 5.925 – 7.125 GHz space (6 GHz).

To give you an idea of how much spectrum would be available for Wi-Fi, take this screenshot from Chuck’s (of Aruba Networks) presentation about 6 GHz. We may truly see the full potential of Wi-Fi with 6 GHz.

PowerShell and Wi-Fi

Josh Schmelzle created a PowerShell module that will get a list of nearby WLANs from a Windows laptop. We thought this was interesting because you can use this module remotely for troubleshooting Windows devices using PowerShell.

Maybe there is other good uses for validation purposes?

5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Certified Wi-Fi Professional

Dennis Klein started a YouTube channel in which he goes into the 5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Certified Wi-Fi Professional. Check out the video and give him a follow. We need more Wi-Fi professionals advocating for wireless!

Antenna Fundamentals

Learn about antenna fundamentals straight from the Canadian Air Force. These videos may be old school cool but they are very informative. Enjoy!

New version of IOS-XE for the C9800

Cisco releases a new version of the C9800 which provides us with the Embedded Wireless Controller on the Catalyst access points. This is the new version of Mobility Express and we’re looking forward to testing it out.

Release Notes:

Results of the Cisco IT Blog Awards

We didn’t win in our category at the Cisco IT Blog Awards but we’re happy to be finalists. Many of our friends won in their respective category which meant half of the winners were wireless focused! Congrats to all the winners!

Accredited Wireless Adjuster (AWA) Course and Certification

A new training and certification program, AWA, is being released by Devin Akin, the creator. It’s meant to fill a gap in the Wi-Fi training available today which is the practical hands-on best -practice assessment, remediation, and troubleshooting.

The AWA is a two-day, hands-on class where the students are thoroughly familiarized with Wi-Fi scanning & assessment tools and they learn how to troubleshoot real-world issues. Learn about registration here.

What do you think of the Wi-Fi 6E naming? Let us know in the comments below.

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