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CTS 271 – Ventev VenVolt 2 at MFD6

A new release that has both of us excited is the VenVolt 2 from Ventev. We do quite a number of AP-on-a-Stick surveys that require a portable battery pack for an access point. The previous VenVolt provided a lot of runtime when it came to the battery. But the unit itself was rather large and heavy.

The latest version, VenVolt 2, comes with a lot of welcomed updates. First off, it has a USB type C input and output (60W). So not only can you utilize an existing cable you might have, but you can also charge any other USB-C devices out of this port. For example, charging your Macbook Pro won’t be a problem with the VenVolt 2.

The battery itself is 26,400mAh / 98Wh Lithium Polymer battery. This battery can provide quite the power for an extended amount of time. The PoE ports onboard can provide 802.3af/at/bt. Pretty much covers nearly all access points out there. The VenVolt 2 can even power two PoE devices at once!

When it comes to charging the VenVolt 2, it will take approximately 3 hours to full charge. With that full charge, you can expect 7 hours and 43 minutes battery life when a Cisco 9120 (EWC) is connected running at full power. For a Cisco 3802e running mobility express, it will run for 5 hours and 54 minutes at full power.

The VenVolt 2 is absolutely portable. It fits right into a backpack and has a USB port so you can charge your mobile devices while you’re on the go. Just check out the MFD6 video for yourself.

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