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What We Learned After 200 Episodes

Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄

Because we and our friends at WiFi Training are in the giving mood and we’ve reached 200 episodes, we have a phenomenal giveaway!

These are the top 5 episodes 2019. The most listened to of this year. Looks like everyone wanted to hear about 802.11ax 🙂

  1. CTS 159: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Overview
  2. CTS 161: 802.11ax BSS Coloring
  3. CTS 160: 802.11ax OFDMA Resource Units
  4. CTS 178: 7 Wi-Fi Best Practices & Guidelines
  5. CTS 162: 802.11ax OFDMA Subcarriers

Here are the top 10 episodes of all time.

  1. CTS 134: Understanding the 4-Way Handshake
  2. CTS 102: Capturing Wireless Frames
  3. CTS 159: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Overview
  4. CTS 137: MIMO
  5. CTS 161: 802.11ax BSS Coloring
  6. CTS 144: Meraki Wi-Fi Tips
  7. CTS 130: RF Characteristics
  8. CTS 160: 802.11ax OFDMA Resource Units
  9. CTS 131: 802.11 Authentication and Association
  10. CTS 106: 802.11ax with Broadcom

What We’ve Learned

After publishing 200 episodes, we’ve managed to learn a few things. Most of what we learn is when researching topics that we discuss. Other times it’s hearing from other people on interviews. Here are just some of the episodes we recommend listening to.

We’re planning a lot more for 2020. New types of content and different ways to engage with you, the community. We’ll share what we have planned in the next few weeks.

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  • I want the CWNA workbook

    For me, CTS-84 with Devin Akin, is the greatest episode of all time.

    And your episodes on 802.11ax was my start into WiFi6, and that journey have sent me deep into that protocol.

    Congratulation with number 200. I have followed CTS since the spring 2017.
    Kind of funny. On my way to the ECSE course in Oslo May. 2017 I listened to CTS for one of the first times, and on the front row in that class was Francois.

    Merry Christmas from northern Norway

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