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What’s in Your APoS Kit?

A common question we get and see on the CTS Slack is what equipment we have in our AP-on-a-Stick (APoS) kit?

In this episode, we discuss the core components of our APoS kit including the tripod, AP stand, casters, cases, etc.

The most common question about APoS is the tripod. Which one should you get depends on how high you want your AP to go. There are various types of tripods from painters poles to specialized tripods that can go up to 40 feet high.

For example, take a look at this Neewer light stand (affiliate link). It can go up to 8.5 feet. One thing to consider may be casters for easy movement but that is your preference. It’s possible to get extenders as well for additional height. I use a Manfrotto 3-section extension pole (affiliate link) for an additional 7.6 feet.

Take a look at Manfrotto’s 12 foot tripod (affiliate link) too. It’s a good combination with the 3-section pole and will provide you with most of the heights you need.

If you need additional height, then you may want to look at the Vantage tripod which can extend up to 40 feet! I’ve used this in a warehouse and found it incredibly useful. There was no need for a scissor lift.

Now that you have your tripod, you need to mount your access point to something. That’s where the WiFi Stand bracket comes into play. I use the XL version and it will hold the majority of access points.

Speaking of WiFi Stand, you can grab a full kit with all the components you need. Just take a look at all the options.

Listen to the whole episode to hear what else we include in our APoS kit!

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