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Wi-Fi Cisco Updates with Jim Florwick (Sponsored)

Jim Florwick, of Cisco, joins us on this episode to discuss many new features about the Catalyst 9136 access point.

6 GHz is a big competitive landscape with many new access points hitting the market.

The Catalyst 9136 will be available with 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz radios. Jim Florwick provides us an overview of the radio design and the challenges Cisco needed to overcome.

In addition to supporting 6 GHz, there are other features worth noting such as the environmental sensor, extensibility with the 9W USB port, and CleanAir Pro.

With the latest C9800 version 17.8, power optimization with power profiles becomes useful for environmentally conscious organizations. Develop a calendar program to shut down unused radios and conserve power.

Also hear about the advancements of RRM with AI RRM, the problems it solves, and the data that is used by the AI engine to make intelligent radio decisions.

Listen to this episode with Jim Florwick today to hear the advancements of Cisco’s Catalyst 9136 access point.

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Mark Nemiz
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