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This week’s episode is the eve of Cisco Live. Rowell & François will be headed to San Diego for a week of learning, recording, and networking with other likeminded individuals.

In this episode, we talk about various topics of Wi-Fi.

You can take a look at an example of sessions we’re looking forward to at Cisco Live.

François’ #CLUS Schedule

Captive Portals are a necessary evil. Most are still done in a way that prevents users from getting connected. Whether that’s requesting every single kind of personal information or maybe it’s a simple splash page with terms and conditions. Either way, there’s now a page which describes how different devices behave with captive portals. It was created by the Wireless Broadband Alliance and it’s a good read if you’d like to understand how a device’s behavior is to be expected with Captive Portals.

Captive Portals

Wi-Fi 6 testing continues over at CTS headquarters. Rowell now has a Samsung S10 and an Intel AX200NGW in a Lenovo laptop. You can upgrade your laptop for a reasonable price. Rowell purchased his for $30 and it shipped from China. We’re learning whether what we’ve read from the draft is being implemented by the Wi-Fi vendors.

When it comes to capturing these frames, you have to remember to capture with another Wi-Fi 6 capable device. You’ll need to demodulate Wi-Fi 6 frames. Rowell used a Cisco C9115AX access point in sniffer mode to see what can be gathered. There’s a little caveat with these access points which we will look into further before putting something out public.

We will have more information after #CLUS.

The Wi-Fi Alliance expands with the Wi-Fi Certified Home Design which is aimed toward home builders. In a highly connected world, why not have Wi-Fi built with a new home? Builders can get educated in Wi-Fi design and have homes certified for Wi-Fi. What are your thoughts on that? Let us know in the comments.

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Rowell, CWNE #210, is a network engineer in Higher-Ed. He enjoys working with wireless networking technologies and loves to share and engage with the community. You can connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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  • Hi, thank for a nice podcast.
    You talked about getting a dashboard like the one that SNMPGuy has at CiscoLive.
    It’s actually not that difficult, he use or maybe used API-calls from Cisco Prime to get the information. Then you ‘just’ have to some code to loop through the data and make a webpage. Prime updates the data every 5 minutes, in the future with the 9800 you are able to get information directly from the WLC.

    Use for exampel Postman for a nice way to look at APIs.

    Access Point Details:

    Radio Details

    Happy Hacking

    • Hi Dan,

      You’re not wrong. He is pulling the data from Prime and just presenting it nicely using Grafana. I just started looking at Prime APIs yesterday but I’m still learning Python to put together a functional script 🙂

      Thanks for the details on the Access Point and Radio API calls!

  • You mentioned on this podcast the Lennar Wi-Fi certified homes program. My home is one of those. To share some details, they installed 2 Ruckus r510s (AC wave2, 1 per floor) and a Ruckus ICX 7150-c12p (in a structured wiring enclosure in the laundry room). APs run over Cat6a cabling. The r510s are configured in Unleashed mode (Ruckus Cloud controller offering) and don’t receive any special configurations when installed or setup. The ICX is also just an out of the box layer 2 switch with POE+. No settings are configured when they install it or set it up.

    Lennar partnered with Amazon to do the initial setup for customers which typically means installing the app on their smartphone and helping them pick a password. I think all that was really done was a predictive survey using the builder floorplan. There was a 1 yr support option available which I opted out of as it would be cheaper to completely replace everything with new.

    They did also give me a bunch of IOT stuff, Smartthings hub, Ring Doorbell, Amazon Echos, a Sonos One, etc. which was nice.

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