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Zero Trust Wi-Fi Access with Beyond Identity (Sponsored)


Wi-Fi security hasn’t changed much in many years. The most common security method is using a pre-shared key, one that hardly changes. Next, you have a more complex configuration using 802.1X with certificates.

But what if we could flip this model and think about it differently by leveraging the cloud? We could use passwordless multi-factor authentication that verifies users and their devices. This can be implemented with today’s devices using a trusted module platform (TPM).

Our sponsor, Beyond Identity, is helping organizations implement this security model and making 802.1X over Wi-Fi easier. In this episode, our guests Ashish Bhatia and Ashwin Rana discuss the challenges of today’s Wi-Fi security and dive into the Beyond Identity architecture and authenticator.

We’ll discuss what the implementation looks like and how users and their devices are authenticated and postured for the Wi-Fi network and for application access.


Beyond Identity

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