predictive modeling

CTS 019: WiFi Predictive Modeling

In This Episode

The first episode for 2016 is going to be about Wi-Fi predictive modeling – how I plan my wireless networks.

But before we get into the meat of the episode, I’d like to share my new year resolutions:

  • CWAP
  • CWDP
  • More learning
  • More podcasts!

Man, I have a lot to work on. What are your resolutions?

My 2016 predications:

  • LTE over Wi-Fi*I meant to say LTE-U and LAA* to gain traction
  • We’ll be working with more poor Wi-Fi
  • Someone will be fined over blocking Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi calling will take off

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is a method in which a software application is used to predict the number of access points required on a floor plan based on user inputted capacity and coverage requirements.

As the phrase says, it is a PREDICTIVE model. A wireless installation should be verified to end user requirements.

My application of choice is Ekahau Site Survey.

Some things to consider in your predictive model using Ekahau:

  • Setting Capacity and Performance requirements
  • Setting Coverage requirements
  • Importing a floor plan
  • Setting scale and alignment points
  • Adding a coverage area
  • Adding access points
  • Optimize placement
Configure your network requirements.

Configure your network requirements.

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