CTS 185: Wi-Fi Design Q&A Webinar

Recently, we hosted a webinar for our CTS listeners. We wanted to provide a way to give back to our community and interact with them on an intimate level. Usually, you hear us on a pre-recorded episode. This time around, we all get to interact with each other. You get to ask questions and we…

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CTS 171: Designing Wi-Fi Networks In Higher Education

Recently, I joined the wonder folks at iBwave to deliver a webinar on the topic of designing Wi-Fi networks in Higher Education. Thanks so much iBwave for providing me the opportunity to discuss Wi-Fi design in front of their audience. The agenda items I cover in this webinar: Challenges we see today Approach to Wi-Fi…

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Security Improvements in Wi-Fi: An Ekahau Webinar

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Joel and Jerry on an Ekahau webinar. The topic I presented was on Security Improvements in Wi-Fi. In this webinar, I touch upon three different security improvements: Device Provisioning Protocol Opportunistic Wireless Encryption WPA3 While I go over a general overview of the topics, OWE gets a little…

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