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Interview With Jennifer Huber

In This Episode – Jennifer Huber

Jennifer Huber is a fellow photographer and wireless professional. As a mobility solutions architect, she provides her insight into how she and her team perform wireless site surveys. This includes the tools they use, her testing method, and some stories on previous site surveys.

With the recent conferences that just occurred, Jennifer Huber speaks about which one she attends each year and why you would want to attend a conference. In addition, we talk about social media and how that plays a role in someone’s career.

Near the end of the podcast we talk briefly about location tracking, the use cases, and how you could get started in location tracking.

Finally, Jennifer talks about a new project she is working on but you’ll have to listen to what that is!

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I appreciate the feedback you guys have given about the podcast. As I get through my first 10 episodes I am finding my flow. Thanks for hanging in there and I hope to bring on more interviews and insights.

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  • Really annoying podcast player. I want to come back to the show and fast fwd to resume. Not possible. You could fix w a link to the audio file.

    • Hey Jim,

      I understand about not being able to fast forward or have any other control. I’ll evaluate a better plugin to add so people can download the podcast.

      I will also suggest using a podcast player to get more control such control of speed.

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