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Wi-Fi Monitoring with Sensors

Monitoring Wi-Fi with Cape Sensors

Wi-Fi monitoring is an important aspect of operating a WLAN. Where hard-wired is easy to do nowadays, how do you monitor a network connection of hundreds or even thousands that use an invisible signal to connect back to your network? David Wilson of Cape Networks talks about how it can be possible to monitor Wi-Fi in any environment.

Monitoring Wi-Fi with Cape Sensors


Wi-Fi Monitoring with Sensors

David Wilson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cape Networks which develops wireless sensors. These sensors can be placed anywhere on your network and can perform tests as if they were a wireless client. The benefit of having wireless sensors is to get insight into specific environments. You can use this information to find out how Wi-Fi may be performing, get statistics, and act accordingly.

Be sure to listen to the podcast about the free sensor giveaway.. or scroll down to the bottom of this post 🙂

The wireless sensors do not analyze RF. They act as wireless clients. This means it is ideal to have these sensors placed as close to the users as possible.

Listen to the episode to hear more about Wi-Fi monitoring using sensors.

  • Introduction of Cape Networks
  • Perspective on Wi-Fi monitoring
  • Placing Wi-Fi sensors close to the users
  • Cape Networks’ simple dashboard for monitoring the sensors
  • Cloud-based dashboard
  • Testing external services and websites
  • Testing internal services such as DHCP and DNS
  • Testing of internal websites
  • Sensor hardware
  • Setting up the sensor


Three sensors on a table Warnings on the Cape dashboard Warnings on the Cape dashboard Testing connectivity on the Cape dashboard Look at the Cape dashboard

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Free Sensor Giveaway

David Wilson has offered to give away one free sensor to a lucky listener. We will select one person randomly from the entry pool. Here’s what you receive:

  1. One Wi-Fi sensor
  2. One year subscription to the Cape Networks dashboard

The requirements of entering in this giveaway:

  1. Must be in the United States (sorry there are some regulatory restrictions here)
  2. Enter the form below
  3. Leave a comment on this page on where you believe the name Cape Networks originated from.
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