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How To Get Started In Wireless

Following up with Wes Purvis’ talk from MFD1 on getting started in wireless, I wanted to do my own on the same topic. In this podcast, I will go over my own experiences in a high level step by step on how I got started in wireless.

I didn’t take a direct path to wireless and I actually don’t do wireless ful time. I am currently a network engineer who does do quite a bit of wireless work. But the path to this point took a while. It wasn’t instant.

Red door
Open the door to opportunity

I started from the very bottom working as a computer parts salesman. My next role I began working as tech support. Working in tech support allowed me to learn how the end users worked on the network, what kind of applications they use, and how they use it.

After my tech support role I then landed a systems administration job. From there I learned about servers and operating systems. What’s great about knowing sysadmin work is that I was able to understand Active Directory for authentication. Many wireless systems use Active Directory for authenticating users.

Listen in on this episode to hear more about how to get started in wireless.

There are just eight steps I highlight here which I go into briefly. Each one can certainly have its own episode.

  1. Get experience dealing with end user issues.
  2. Learn networking from the wire perspective.
  3. Pick up a CWNA book.
  4. The learn vendor material.
  5. Get a lab. Use wireshark.
  6. Start volunteering yourself for wireless work.
  7. Write about wifi
  8. Network with other wifi professionals
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Rowell, CWNE #210, is a network engineer in Higher-Ed. He enjoys working with wireless networking technologies and loves to share and engage with the community. You can connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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