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Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces Wi-Fi 6E

In anticipation of 6 GHz being released for unlicensed Wi-Fi use, the Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a new term to the industry, Wi-Fi 6E. The E stands for extended. This is aimed at providing a term to devices with 6 GHz support. The FCC has not yet allowed 6 GHz for unlicensed use but there...

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Goodbye 2019

What a year it’s been! 2019 was a great year to Clear To Send. We wanted to do a short recap with all of you, our lovely listeners. 🏆 Top episodes CTS 159: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Overview CTS 161: 802.11ax BSS Coloring CTS 160: 802.11ax OFDMA Resource Units 📈 Growth of the CTS community 243...

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Post-Cisco Live Thoughts

Cisco Live 2019 came to an end. What were the final thoughts of the conference? What was new? We sit down with Rasika Nayanajith and Stephen Cooper to discuss the latest from Cisco’s biggest event of the year. Watch the video below. Join Clear To Send Come join the Clear To Send community. Success! Now...

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Metageek Improves Eye P.A.

Metageek has been working on Eye P.A., a visual protocol analysis tool for Wi-Fi professionals. The update comes free to users current with their MetaCare. Included in the newest version, Eye P.A. v2.2: Bringing 4-way handshake completion to your attention Improved color palette – making it easier to identify different frame types Beacons are gray...

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Nyansa Releases Voyance IOT Security

Recently, I was invited into the Nyansa office to take a look at something new being released. With the growth of IoT devices on networks, Nyansa saw an opportunity to provide a comprehensive set of security and device analytics of IoT devices. Innovations with IoT devices have resulted in shadow IT deployments in enterprises, hospitals,...

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Ekahau Unveils New Products

In the next generation of Ekahau Wi-Fi solutions, they have announced a suite of products which is aptly named Ekahau Connect. To enhance the Wi-Fi design & troubleshooting process there are many parts under Ekahau Connect: Ekahau Pro Version 10 is rebranded as Ekahau Pro. It’s faster with a new user interface. It also supports...

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Juniper Networks Announces Intent to Acquire Mist Systems

Juniper Networks, a solution provider in switching, routing, and security, has announced their intentions to acquire Mist Systems for consideration of $405 million. Sujai Hajela, CEO of Mist Systems, has insured that it will be business as usual. Mist Systems will be leveraging more resources from Juniper Networks as Juniper will be adding a solid...

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Wi-Fi Alliances Announces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6

Announced at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the Wi-Fi Alliance announces a new certification program centered around 802.11ax, or Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 is expected to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2019. In the announcement, Wi-Fi Alliance references the key capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 and how it will improve all Wi-Fi networks....

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FCC Proposed Rules for 1.2 GHz of Spectrum

The next evolution of Wi-Fi is one step closer to being reality. The FCC has proposed rules for 1200 megahertz of unlicensed frequency in 6 GHz band. The whole band we need to pay attention to is 5.925 – 7.125 GHz. Why make unlicensed frequency available? Unprecedented demand for it. FCC made unlicensed frequency available...

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FCC Proposes More Unlicensed Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just proposed up to 1200 MHz of spectrum for Wi-Fi use by unlicensed devices. These devices would operate in the 6 GHz band, more specifically 5.925-7.125 GHz. There are incumbent users of the frequency space but Wi-Fi devices utilizing that frequency, used by Broadcast Auxilary Service and Cable Television Relay...

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Security Improvements in Wi-Fi: An Ekahau Webinar

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Joel and Jerry on an Ekahau webinar. The topic I presented was on Security Improvements in Wi-Fi. In this webinar, I touch upon three different security improvements: Device Provisioning Protocol Opportunistic Wireless Encryption WPA3 While I go over a general overview of the topics, OWE gets a little...

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Mist Strengthens Partnerships

Mist has been hard at work forming partnerships with strong players, Juniper Networks, VMware, and Palo Alto Networks. Working alongside technologies which don’t have a wireless play, Mist complements each of their solutions by utilizing their AI and Machine Learning product. Initially, it looked like a strategy to be acquired but with multiple firm partnerships,...

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