CTS 193: Fortinet @ MOBILITY FIELD DAY 4

We all know Fortinet as a security company, but they also provide wireless products. They actually started to do wireless when their customers asked them to secure their own Wi-Fi Networks. This year at Mobility Field Day 4, they wanted to talk about their overall wireless offering. If you want to catch back with the…

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CTS 150: Wi-Fi Design Day, NAC, Troubleshooting, C9800, and More

Stephen Cooper flies from Australia to San Jose to record in-person for Clear To Send. But really he was in town for work and made time to meet with me, Rowell, to talk about different topics in wireless. Interview with Stephen Cooper We met at the Westin hotel which happened to be the quietest place…

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CTS 068: Wi-Fi Network Access Control with Andrew Chappelle

In this episode, we welcome Andrew Chappelle from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We talked about network access control focusing on securing the Wi-Fi network. He shared his experience with complex NAC systems such as Cisco ISE or Aruba ClearPass and also share his view of what the future of access control will look like. Andrew Chappelle…

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