CTS 082: Wi-Fi Apps for Apple iOS

Here are Wi-Fi apps we use under iOS. Although limited to the adapter, there are many good apps available to use for Wi-Fi purposes.

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Wi-Fi Apps for Apple iOS

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About the Author
Rowell, CWNE #210, is a network engineer in Higher-Ed. He enjoys working with wireless networking technologies and loves to share and engage with the community. You can connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

4 comments on CTS 082: Wi-Fi Apps for Apple iOS

  1. Techwitty says:

    So what is the #1 you recommend?

    1. Rowell says:

      My #1 is Airport Utility for scanning nearby Wi-Fi networks. I always have my phone with me so this is useful.

  2. Laurent Gorisse says:

    One more feature of Airport tool:
    After analyzing WiFi neighboroud, stop it and press the lower right i button. That will give you a summary of APs per channel.
    Thanks for this episode!


    PS: Let’s make it for a full french episode đŸ™‚

    1. Rowell says:

      Good tip! I didn’t even notice it there before.

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