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Wi-Fi Apps for Android

Wi-Fi apps for android

Check out some of the Wi-Fi apps I’ve listed for Android. This is the last episode in a series of Wi-Fi apps for different platforms.

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Sponsored by Metageek

Android Wi-Fi Apps

Ekahau Site Survey Mobile

Use this app with your Ekahau Site Survey Pro software. It can provide a perspective from the client side.

ESS Add-on for Android

Metageek InSSIDer Office

Apparently, I cannot find this in the Google Play store. I know I’ve used it before but it is not there unless I am having a hard time seeing it. What do you guys think?


This is a Wi-Fi app for Android developed by Aruba Networks. It displays the network health in an easy to read format. The health is split into two areas, Wi-Fi and WAN.

Aruba Networks Airo

WiFi Analyzer

This Wi-Fi app gives you information about the Wi-Fi networks around you. Displays in a graph of which channels are being used by which networks. It’s a tool you can use to determine which channels you can use for your network.

Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android


This app provides many tools inside it. Fing can be used as a network scanner to detect what is on your network. There’s a Wi-Fi scanner, a tool to detect what’s on your network, port scanner, ping sweep, and more.


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