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Josh Gerst on Outdoor Wireless and DAS

Girl walking downtown

Girl walking downtown

Josh Gerst, Vice President of Engineering at RF Connect, joins me on the podcast today to talk about outdoor wireless and DAS. He has over 15 years in RF engineering. His previous experience comes from a small smart antenna startup called Metaware, Sprint, Powerwave, to Ericsson, a large wireless equipment OEM.

He goes into how he got his start in wireless and his experience working at various RF related positions at different companies.

Today he is the VP of Engineering at RF Connect and he provides insight into how he and his team works on configuring wireless systems for different cities such as public WiFi over 12 square miles in Michigan.

Some of the same kind of issues we see in WiFi are a little different when doing WiFi outdoors such as trees and hills. Josh goes into how they add this data into their surveys.

Josh provides a comparison between WiFi and DAS and why one may be used over the other. When deploying either system, Josh talks about how to achieve success by gathering the scope of work and requirements.

You can find more about RF Connect from their website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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