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Management Frames

Management Frames title on blurred Wireshark capture.

Management Frames title on blurred Wireshark capture.

There are three types of wireless frames used for wireless communications. In this episode, I begin talking about one of them and its frame subtypes. The three types of frames are Management, Control, and Data. In this episode I go into the Management frames. Management frames are used to either for notification or for request and response.

Management Frame Types

There are twelve subtypes of the management frame. Each playing a key role in wireless communications. Some of them you may have heard of, such as the Beacon frame.

If you are are studying for the CWAP exam, knowing each of the twelve management frame subtypes is important and knowing the purpose of each subtype is equally important.

Listen to the podcast for a little more detail on each of the twelve management frame subtypes.

12 Management frame subtypes:
– Beacon
– Probe request
– Probe response
– Authentication
– Deauthentication
– Association request
– Association response
– Reassociation request
– Reassociation response
– Announcement traffic indication message (ATIM)
– Disassociation
– Action

Links and Resources Mentioned

  • Sample wireless capture
  • Check out a fun way to create SSIDs, emoticons. I created a test SSID using a sushi emoticon to express my love for raw fish. Download the wireless capture to see what the SSID looks like in a Beacon frame.

Emoticon used as an SSID

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