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Wi-Fi Troubleshooting and Optimization

#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by technologists for technologists. In this episode, Cisco Champions Rowell Dionicio and Robert Boardman discuss Cisco WiFi Troubleshooting and Optimization with Jerome Henry.

Jerome Henry is a Principal Engineer, Technical Marketing in the Wi-Fi Business Unit. He has extensive experience in troubleshooting wireless networks. In this Cisco Champion Radio episode, we talk Jerome about tools for troubleshooting wifi, packet analysis and MIMO considerations, using Excel to troubleshoot (yes Excel!), access points coverage, most common issues, and Jerome’s process for optimizing a wireless network.

Rowell and Robert host a video channel together called Wi-Fi of Everything. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

You can catch this episode on Sound Cloud and listen to the other Cisco Champion Radio episodes as well.

CTS 116: Aruba Atmosphere 2018

Robert Boardman joins the show to share his experience as a first-time attendee at Aruba Atmosphere.

Aruba Atmosphere 2018

Aruba Atmosphere 2018

Hosted at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Aruba Atmosphere packed in about 3000 wireless professionals for a great conference. Robert Boardman joins the show to share his experience in attending for the first time.

Robert describes Atmosphere as being different compared to the giant conferences. It’s highly focused on wireless. There aren’t a lot of vendors, probably less than 20 of them.

The best part of Aruba Atmosphere were the sessions. You learn so much about Aruba’s solutions and you get to see what’s coming out soon.

A favorite session of Robert’s was Nuts and Bolts of Wireless by Eric Johnson. If you have an Airheads account, be sure to check this session out if it becomes available.

Aruba brought out NetInsights which is their machine learning and AI platform which helps provide the network administrator with data-driven action items. Data is pulled from the access point and different metrics can be gathered such as performance anomalies, performance of clients, and performance of access points. It will also provide some configuration optimization recommendations.

Also at Aruba Atmosphere was Tech Field Day covering the event. They hosted a panel of delegates fielding questions from the audience on three big topics. The session was moderated by Tom Hollingsworth. Check out the recording of Tech Field Day.



The big news from Aruba Networks was their intent to acquire Cape Networks. We see this tying into NetInsights but time will tell how it will get integrated into Aruba.


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CTS 113: The Wizarding World of Cisco Live 2018

Robert Boardman, of WiFi of Everything, joins the show to tell us his thoughts on the upcoming Cisco Live conference during the summer of 2018.

CTS 113

Figus making an appearance at Cisco Live

Cisco Live 2018: What To Expect

Cisco Live 2018 will be from June 10 – 14, 2018 in Orlando Florida. Robert and I are both Cisco Champions. We decided to get together and record two shows at the same time. This CTS episode will also air as a video for the WiFi of Everything Show.

This is our first time attending Cisco Live in Orlando. One of the most visible parts of this conference is the Customer Appreciation Event. Let’s just get that out of the way. This year, Cisco is having the biggest party ever. All attendees will have Universal Studios all to themselves! There are multiple musical performers lined up and Cisco Live attendees will have the chance to have unlimited rides at the park. In addition to that, there will be food and drinks available. We’re looking forward to that.

Okay, now for the serious stuff. Have you seen the sessions that will be at Cisco Live? Being this is a Wi-Fi focused show, we have highlighted just a few:

Anatomy of real-time wireless analytics and troubleshooting using DNA Assurance/AIRsense

I’d like to see how far DNA Assurance has come along after first seeing it last year at Cisco Live 2017. Unfortunately, I haven’t ran into anyone who has it implemented. Hopefully there are some real use cases this time.

Cisco Next-Gen Enterprise Wireless Architecture

This could mean one thing right? 802.11ax? Maybe or maybe not? Will there be a new access point announced? New controllers? One can assume.

Securely Designing Your Wireless LAN for Threat Mitigation, Policy and BYOD

Security. Often forgotten and implemented after the fact. With wireless being a main point of connection, it’s important to keep it secure.

Optimize your WLANs for iPhones and iPads

We run networks predominantly used by iOS devices. So it only makes sense to optimize it for them and plus we’d like to know what else is coming out of the Cisco + Apple partnership.


Getting involved in the wireless community is one of the primary reasons we’re attending. We love meeting new people, learning about what they do, and making new friends. This year is no different from the last.

What’s new? We will be recording WiFi of Everything videos! Stay tuned for what’s to come. There will also be CTS episodes recorded. As we get closer to the conference we will announce days and times.

Look out for Figus! He’s the guy you see in the image above. He’ll be better than last year and ready for social interactions!

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CTS 101: Ubiquiti AirFiber Install with Robert Boardman

Robert Boardman joins the podcast to discuss his install of Ubiquiti AirFiber24 at his campus.

This episode is sponsored by Metageek

Sponsored by Metageek

Ubiquiti AirFiber24

Front side of the AirFiber24

Robert Boardman is a network engineer in Monterey, CA. He recently deployed a point-to-point link using Ubiquiti AirFiber24. These are 24 GHz radios operating in unlicensed spectrum. This is one of the reasons why this looked attractive to Robert.

He could have easily went with a 5 GHz deployment. Robert knew that this would potentially be an issue in the future. 5 GHz is widely deployed on his campus and didn’t want to risk any co-channel or adjacent channel interference. He decided to use the less widely deployed frequency. The reason is to avoid potential WiFi deployments that would happen in the parking lot, which this PtP has to cross.

How the AirFiber does full duplex

These radios operate in full-duplex, providing about 1.4+ Gbps of throughput. It’s not a bad radio to think about when it comes to creating a bridge or a backhaul connection. In this scenario, Robert used it as a backhaul to a couple of remote buildings in which lectures are done for students.

Aligning the radios would seem to be a challenge but Robert mentioned how there’s an LED indicator which helps you align the radios. This is called the Radio Alignment Display. It will provide you with the signal strength indication.

The radio itself is a decent size. It is 36.94 x 18.44 x 11.08″ and weighs 35.27 lbs. You may need two people for mounting just to be safe.

You can find more about Ubiquiti AirFiber24 from a video recorded for the WiFi of Everything.

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CTS 065: Roundtable I – Part II

This is a new series on the podcast where we bring together a group of Wi-Fi professionals for a roundtable discussion of industry topics, casual banter, and camaraderie. Insults are on the house 😉

CTS Roundtable Title

A couple of us Wi-Fi professionals had the idea of getting together in virtual space to discuss anything and everything happening in Wi-Fi. This is the first time we have formed a roundtable, let alone an interview, with more than 3 people.

In this roundtable, which is split out into two episodes, we have Rowell Dionicio, François Vergès, Robert Boardman, Steve McKim, Brennan Martin, Samuel Clements, and Stewart Goumans.

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Roundtable Discussions

  • Trolls
    • How to respond to trolls
    • Ignore trolls
    • Support each other
  • CCIE Wireless program from Cisco
    • Is it worth pursuing?
  • Recruiters
    • How to work with them
    • What to expect
  • CWNP Program
    • The reach of CWNP
    • The differentiator with CWNEs
  • Vendor bugs
  • Mesh
  • Latest trends
  • What’s in your lab