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Data Frames

Title over blurred text.

Title over blurred text.

The wrap up of a three part series on wireless frames. In previous episodes, I discussed Management and Control frames. Within those episodes I mentioned the frame subtypes contained in each of those frames.

This episode is about Data frames and the data frame subtypes. There are fifteen data frame subtypes which I will briefly go over in the podcast episode.

Data Frames

  1. Data
  2. Data + CF-Ack
  3. Data + CF-Poll
  4. Data + CF-Ack + CF-Poll
  5. Null
  6. CF-Ack (no data)
  7. CF-Poll (no data)
  8. CF-Ack + CF-Poll
  9. QoS Data
  10. QoS Data + CF-Ack
  11. QoS Data + CF-Poll
  12. QoS Data + CF-Ack + CF-Poll
  13. QoS Null (no data)
  14. QoS CF-Poll (no data)
  15. QoS CF-Ack + CF-Poll (no data)
QoS Data Frame
Wireshark capture of a wireless data frame.

The data frame image above highlights the frame type, shown as data, the subtype as a QoS data frame. The image also shows the additional QoS Control field that is part of the data frame because of the subtype that it is (QoS).

This Week In Wireless

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