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The Story Behind the Ekahau Hat

During Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando, Florida we were able to meet up with Jussi Kiviniemi from Ekahau. We were enamored with the Ekahau hat which was being given out at their booth.

The quality of the hat is exceptional. There’s even a little detail inside the hat with reference to the Simpsons. If you’ve received a Sidekick then you know what I mean.

Minimalism is key. If you’ve used Ekahau, you know what the bar represents on the hat and I think it’s a genius idea.

Another great detail about the Ekahau hat is the reflective sticker on the top.

François asks Jussi about the hat and the story.. just check out the video for yourself.

CTS 124: Wireless Session Quick List – Cisco Live Orlando

Clear To Send is headed to Cisco Live Orlando.

Cisco Live Orlando

One of the largest conferences is headed back to the East Coast – in Orlando, Florida. If you know anything about Cisco Live then you know there are a plethora of sessions to select from. But we’re passionate about Wi-Fi which is what we’re going to highlight in a list here.

These session’s we’re interested in attending and the ones you should keep an eye on. Even if you aren’t attending, most of the sessions will be made available weeks after the conference is finished.

#CLUS Giveaway

Participate in our Clear To Send Giveaway. Because François and Rowell are joining together for the first time for CTS episodes, we wanted to give back to our listeners. We’re offering two giveaways, a Ventev Mobile Device Accessory kit ($300 value!) and a Cisco Press book of the winner’s choice.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Fill out the form below (United States entries only)
  2. For an extra entry, find Rowell or François at CLUS, take a photo with one or both of them, and share it by tagging @cleartosend on Twitter.

Contest is over!

Live Recordings

Come watch François and Rowell do a live recording of a Clear To Send episode. There are a total of three recordings:

  • Monday June 11th @ 1PM– WiFi Analytics with Christian Gauer at the Podcast Domain Booth #1059 in World of Solutions
  • Tuesday June 12th – Cisco Live WiFi Meetup at 6:30pm – RSVP and Location here
  • Wednesday June 13th at 4pm – 5G with Mike Geller at the Podcast Domain Booth #1059 in World of Solutions

Wireless Session Quick List

Monday June 11

Tuesday June 12

Wednesday June 13

Thursday June 14


CTS 113: The Wizarding World of Cisco Live 2018

Robert Boardman, of WiFi of Everything, joins the show to tell us his thoughts on the upcoming Cisco Live conference during the summer of 2018.

CTS 113

Figus making an appearance at Cisco Live

Cisco Live 2018: What To Expect

Cisco Live 2018 will be from June 10 – 14, 2018 in Orlando Florida. Robert and I are both Cisco Champions. We decided to get together and record two shows at the same time. This CTS episode will also air as a video for the WiFi of Everything Show.

This is our first time attending Cisco Live in Orlando. One of the most visible parts of this conference is the Customer Appreciation Event. Let’s just get that out of the way. This year, Cisco is having the biggest party ever. All attendees will have Universal Studios all to themselves! There are multiple musical performers lined up and Cisco Live attendees will have the chance to have unlimited rides at the park. In addition to that, there will be food and drinks available. We’re looking forward to that.

Okay, now for the serious stuff. Have you seen the sessions that will be at Cisco Live? Being this is a Wi-Fi focused show, we have highlighted just a few:

Anatomy of real-time wireless analytics and troubleshooting using DNA Assurance/AIRsense

I’d like to see how far DNA Assurance has come along after first seeing it last year at Cisco Live 2017. Unfortunately, I haven’t ran into anyone who has it implemented. Hopefully there are some real use cases this time.

Cisco Next-Gen Enterprise Wireless Architecture

This could mean one thing right? 802.11ax? Maybe or maybe not? Will there be a new access point announced? New controllers? One can assume.

Securely Designing Your Wireless LAN for Threat Mitigation, Policy and BYOD

Security. Often forgotten and implemented after the fact. With wireless being a main point of connection, it’s important to keep it secure.

Optimize your WLANs for iPhones and iPads

We run networks predominantly used by iOS devices. So it only makes sense to optimize it for them and plus we’d like to know what else is coming out of the Cisco + Apple partnership.


Getting involved in the wireless community is one of the primary reasons we’re attending. We love meeting new people, learning about what they do, and making new friends. This year is no different from the last.

What’s new? We will be recording WiFi of Everything videos! Stay tuned for what’s to come. There will also be CTS episodes recorded. As we get closer to the conference we will announce days and times.

Look out for Figus! He’s the guy you see in the image above. He’ll be better than last year and ready for social interactions!

Links and Resources

CTS 085: Cisco Advanced Services Team at CLUS

This is a recording from Cisco Live 2017 in the Podcast Domain. We had a few Cisco Advanced Services members join the podcast to discuss various topics about wireless.

This episode is sponsored by Metageek.

Sponsored by Metageek

Podcast Domain at Cisco Live 2017

Clear To Send with Cisco Advanced Services at Cisco Live 2017

We were fortunate to have a dedicated podcast space at Cisco Live 2017 called Podcast Domain. Many thanks to Lauren for setting this up and scheduling Cisco engineers to speak with us. I am joined by a special co-host, Drew Lentz, who is a wireless professional and man who runs many businesses 😉

Those joining us from Cisco Advanced Services are:

Eric Holderson – Does wireless and scripting. He has been with Cisco for 10 years now and started in the BU. He has done some Assurewave testing, has been in the escalation team, and now into services.

Matt Swartz – 14 years at Cisco and has always been in Advanced Services. He is also Captain Wired! Started in routing and switching then moved into wireless.

Jake Fussell – Has been at Cisco for 12 years, first 5 years spent in TAC for wireless. Then moved into TAC escalation before being recruited into services.

Josh Suhr – Worked at a Cisco Partner before making the move to Cisco. Kind of a Swiss Army Knife and can work on routing, security, wireless, etc. Started in services 6 years ago.

In this episode, it runs more like a roundtable. We don’t have any one specific topic we focus on. We primarily get to know members of the advanced services team, get their perspective on how they do wireless and where they see it going from Cisco’s point of view. It is especially interesting since Cisco announced new products and a new direction this year with Cisco DNA, SD-Access, etc. A lot of things focused on machine learning and analytics, which we dive into a bit.

This group does a lot of stadium deployments for the MLB which have been described as an excellent partner. They utilize a lot of Cisco technology to reach out to their fans.

This initial conversation gets us talking about machine learning and analytics right away. You may want to look at BRKEWN-2033 with JP Vasseur on Cloud Machine Learning and Analytics for DNA.

Other topics we discuss:

  • What skills are required to deploy wireless beyond the fundamentals and basics. RF is a given, but what about the solutions we need to provide.
  • Getting into wireless
  • How is this different from Mist (Beaconpoint)
  • Client sensors
  • Cisco Engage
  • Cisco CMX
  • Hyperlocation vs Beaconpoint – how do you decide?
  • Use cases for Hyperlocation
  • CWNP


CTS 078: Cisco Live 2017 – Get Ready

Cisco Live 2017 is coming up and there’s much to see. Clear To Send will be there to do a live recording. We will also be giving away Clear To Send stickers at Cisco Live if you can find us!

The conference floor of Cisco Live.

Upcoming Cisco Live 2017

The Mandalay Bay will be hosting Cisco Live 2017 again in Las Vegas. The event begins on June 25th, 2017 through June 29th. I, Rowell Dionicio, will be in attendance from Clear To Send podcast. This is the second year in a row as an attendee for me. Learn more about last year’s experience from Episode 44.

First Time Attendee?

I highly recommend picking a hotel close to conference. If you can, get into Mandalay Bay or Delano. This year I will be staying at the Luxor which is next door. Other hotels may seem like an easy walk but trust me, in the heat you don’t want to be walking. Luckily, there will be a constant stream of shuttles to various hotels.

Prepare an extra bag just for the swag. You’ll get a ton of it. I’ve heard of some bringing an extra carry-on just for the swag. Lots of cool toys, tshirts, and of course marketing literature.

Wear comfortable shoes because you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. The Mandalay Bay conference center is very large. There’s also walking along Las Vegas if you’re up for it. That also means wearing comfortable clothes. When I attended Las Vegas 2016 it was a nice cool 110F. Wear light, breathable clothing. Within the conference center it will get very cold. It’s best to layer your clothing for Cisco Live.

A trailer sits within Cisco Live. Customized for the conference.

Cisco Live Sessions

I’ll be attending mostly wireless sessions but will add in a few new technologies to keep myself up-to-date with what’s out there. My favorite speakers are Jerome Henry, Matt Swartz, and Jim Florick. Any topic from those individuals will be knowledge bombs.

Check out all the sessions from the Cisco’s website.

Here are a few interesting sessions to check out:

  • CCNA Wireless, master the 802.11 protocols! By Jerome Henry (Tue 27th 8am 2h)
  • Improve Enterprise WLAN Spectrum Quality with Cisco’s advanced RF capacities (RRM, CleanAir, ClientLink, etc) by Jim Florick (Wed 28th 8am 2h)
  • Apple and Cisco: Fast-Tracking the Mobile Enterprise (Monday 26th 8am 1h)
  • Be my guest! – Design and Deploy Wireless Guest Access that Works by Federico Ziliotto (Monday 26th 4pm 1.5h)
  • High Density Wi-Fi Design, Deployment, and Optimization by Josh Suhr and Matt Swartz (Wed 8am 2h)
  • Advanced Enterprise WLAN Deployment (full day seminar)
  • Design and Deployment of Outdoor Wireless Networks by Kshitij Mahant (Thurs 29th 1pm 1.5h)
  • 7 Ways to Fail as a Wireless Expert by Steven Heinsius (Ekahau Webinar)
  • CCIE Wireless Techtorial by Carlos Alcantara and Santiago Lopez (Wed 28th 1pm to 5pm)
  • CCNP Wireless – Candidate’s Choice (Mon 26th 8am 2h)
  • Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) by Darryl Sladden (Thur 29th 8:30am 1.5h)
  • 5G Radio Access Network Transformation (Cellular Networks)
  • 5G Technology Updates (Cellular Network)
  • Cisco IOT in a 5G World
  • Deploying 4G/LTE for Enterprise and IoT Solutions

Meet The Engineer

Any attendee can schedule in a Meet the Engineer and I highly recommend it. Last year’s Cisco Live I was able to sit down with Matt Swartz and Jim Florick to talk RRM. It was a valuable discussion which gave me a few action items in the end. When you can talk directly with the engineers about any topic at hand you come out much smarter.

Certification Exam

Once you’re registered for Cisco Live you’ll want to schedule your free exam. Try to get this out of the way as soon as possible. I land on Saturday afternoon and I scheduled my exam for Sunday. Seats fill up fast and the earlier you can get this done the better. As soon as you get into sessions your brain will be overloaded with so much information that sometimes it can be difficult to focus on an exam.

Customer Appreciation Event

This year Bruno Mars headlines at the T-Mobile Arena. I love the upbeat music from Bruno Mars so this will surely be an entertaining event.

Live Podcast Recording

We can’t do Cisco Live without doing a live recording of Clear To Send! The details are still being put together but once we have things finalized I will release more information on when, where, and how to get there. If you can, please join us for a recording and become part of the show!

Prepare To Chow Down

Join me as I get food at some of my favorite restaurants. I’ll be stopping by the following:

  • Tacos El Gordo
  • Secret Pizza Parlor
  • Lotus of Siam


The best part of going to Cisco Live is networking with your peers. We often communicate virtually on social networks so this is a great time to get face to face. Meet the people behind the avatar and you’ll be surprised with much fun you can have just by meeting your social counterpart.

I’m looking forward to another Cisco Live. Keep up with what’s happening during the event from my Twitter account: @rowelldionicio